My Student Appears Ill – How Should I Respond?

During my college-going years there was no “Preparing to Teach in a Pandemic 101” class, and throughout my many years of teaching there was no conference session that covered the topic either. But when COVID-19 upended our routine, everyone did the pivot. Faculty pivoted to online instruction and assessment, staff pivoted to virtual appointments, and students pivoted as life…

Supercharge Student Memory Retrieval with Interleaving

One of the books that has made a large impact on my teaching is Small Teaching by James M Lang. This book is not the first time I heard of interleaving, but I must have been in the right mental space to receive it when I read the book. Interleaving is a way of studying…

Academic Quality Review – I am Glad We Met

I wanted to make the nonlearning stuff easy for students. They didn’t take my class to become experts in navigating Learning Management Systems. In my haste (and inexperience) I think I made things worse. The good news is I got better thanks to faculty who took the time to mentor me.

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