My Student Appears Ill – How Should I Respond?

During my college-going years there was no “Preparing to Teach in a Pandemic 101” class, and throughout my many years of teaching there was no conference session that covered the topic either. But when COVID-19 upended our routine, everyone did the pivot. Faculty pivoted to online instruction and assessment, staff pivoted to virtual appointments, and students pivoted as lifeContinue reading “My Student Appears Ill – How Should I Respond?”

Supercharge Student Memory Retrieval with Interleaving

One of the books that has made a large impact on my teaching is Small Teaching by James M Lang. This book is not the first time I heard of interleaving, but I must have been in the right mental space to receive it when I read the book. Interleaving is a way of studyingContinue reading “Supercharge Student Memory Retrieval with Interleaving”